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Fireplace Inserts

The range of cast iron fireplaces both tiled and arched is varied and elegant. You will appreciate and enjoy the quality and style of this range.
the prince fireplace the tulip fireplace the sovereign fireplace
  The Prince Fireplace with the Bedford Mantle   The Tulip Fireplace with the Danesbury Mantle   The Sovereign Fireplace with the Bedford Mantle- £745*

The gallery range reflects the true ambiance and sophistication of the Edwardian tiled fireplace. Most of the tiled fireplaces range is available for gas or solid fuel use and the superb range of hand made tiles compliment your décor.

  the northmoor fireplace   the sovereign fireplace   the toulouse fireplace
  The Northmoor Fireplace with the Grand Corbell Mantle   The Sovereign Fireplace with the Stourhead Aegean Limestone Mantle   The Toulouse Fireplace with the Modena Florentine Marble Mantle
The colour and finish of the tiles for your fireplace are bright and vivid they give a touch of class not found in any other fireplace.
The combination of either wood, marble or limestone mantle hi light the insert you choose.

  the prince fireplace   the toulouse fireplace   the toulouse fireplace
  The Prince Fireplace with Brompton Aegean Limestone Mantle   The Toulouse 'Highlight' with Stourhead Aegean Limestone Mantel   The Toulouse 'Highlight' with the Cast Iron Black Mantel
  the northmoor fireplace   the sovereign fireplace   the toulouse fireplace
  The Northmoor 'Highlight' with the Brompton Aegean Limestone Mantel

  The Sovereign 'Black' with Worcester Pine Mantel

  The Toulouse 'Black' with Howard Oak Mantel

  *Introductory offer (complete).

From Interior designers to property developers you will appreciate that the central feature of any room is the fireplace it is the point the eye is drawn to upon entering.

With this in mind we would like you to browse through the gallery range and choose a fireplace you will love and admire.
With direct delivery we can deliver your fireplace efficiently and safely.

Fireplace Tiles

Honey / Yellow*
Burgundy / Ivory*

Yellow / Ivory*

Lilac / Ivory*
Sweeping Rose
Yellow / Ivory*

Burgundy with Burgundy Spaces

Red / Ivory*
Burgundy / Ivory
Blue /Ivory
Yellow / Ivory
Burgundy / Ivory
Yellow / Ivory*
Empress Red
Folletti Gold with Green Spaces Folletti Blush with Burgundy spaces Terreno
Green / Ivory
Large Brickbond Green
Also available in Burgundy
Small Brickbond Burgundy
Also available in Green
  * Left Hand Panel Illustrated



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