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Fireplace Chimney Pieces

These very grand fireplaces are true classics they will enhance and recreate the feel of opulence you will love.
They carry a presence you will notice as soon as you enter your room being very similar to the style used in Victorian and Edwardian fireplaces they will give a fantastic lift to your choice of decorating scheme.

the merrion fireplace
the gloucester fireplace
the fitzwilliam firplace
The Merrion Fireplace with the Claredon Florentine Marble Mantle
The Gloucester Fireplace with the Chiswick 56" Carrara Marbla Mantle
The Fitzwilliam Fireplace with the Chartwell 63" Carrara Marble Mantle

Having sold these fireplaces for many years we can assure you this type of fireplace we have a dramatic effect on your room. This type of fireplace with its many decorative mouldings will give you the ambiance of a much older fireplace.

the gloucester fireplace
the cheltenham fireplace
The Gloucester Fireplace with the Richmond Carrara Marble Mantle
The Cheltenham Fireplace with the Grand Corbell Mantle

As always we will endeavour to give you the best possible price for your fireplace, this particular type of fireplace can sometimes be more expensive than our Arch or tiled range of fireplaces due to the enhanced mouldings and brilliant detail that they come with. In Victorian times Chimneypiece fireplaces were often fitted with limestone or marble mantles and our new range of stone mantles will create a feel of that bygone era.



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