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Fireplace Arches

The arch cast iron fireplaces shown here are all examples of traditional Victorian style fireplaces, the choices are wide and varied.

the henley fireplace the jubilee fireplace the crown fireplace

The Henley Highlight Fireplace with the Kingston Carrara Mantel

The Jubilee Highlight with the Brompton Agean Limestone Mantel

The Crown Half Polished with the Asquith Agean Limestone Mantel


Originally these types of fireplace were used for burning solid fuel typically coal and wood, and there is now an extra deep back with a firebrick available on a selection of arches.
In today's modern world most people prefer to use there fireplace for gas as its more convenient and cleaner.


the sutton fireplace
the regal fireplace
the sutton fireplace

The Sutton with the Bedford Mantel in pine
The Regal Highlight with the Brompton Agean Limestone Mantel

The Sutton with the Brompton Limestone Mantel
the coronet fireplace
the jubilee fireplace
the bolton fireplace

The Coronet Fireplace with the Lincoln Mantel

the Jubilee Highlight with the Chiswick Agean Limestone Mantel

The Bolton Fireplace with the Danesbury Mantel
the henley fireplace
the royal fireplace
the henley fireplace

The Henley Fireplace with the Stourhead Aegea Limestone Mantel

The Royal Fireplace with the Claredon Aegean Limestone Mantel

The Henley with the Kingston Agean Limsteon Mantel

All of our gas fires are operated with a push button ignition and include the coals.
All have the option of a infra red remote control to ignite the gas fireplace, this is a expensive addition however and can add £200 to the overall cost of a fireplace.


the lansdowne fireplace
the tradition fireplace
the bolton fireplace
The Lansdowne Highlight with the Clarendon Aegean Limestone Mantel

The Tradition with the Bedford Mantel

The Bolton Fireplace with the Woburn Aegean Limestone Mantel
the crown fireplace
the lytton fireplace
the windsor fireplace

The Crown Fireplace with the Asquith Aegean Limestone Mantel

The Lytton Fireplace with the Bedford 54" Mantel

The Windsor Fireplace with the Brompton 60" Carrara Marble Mantel
the regal fireplace
the sutton fireplace
the radley fireplace

The Regal Highlight Fireplace with the Roundel Mantel

The Sutton Half Polished Fireplace with the Brompton Agean Limestone Mantel

The Radley Highlight with the Bartello Aegean Limestone Mantel


The Coronet and Regal fireplaces are suitable for the smaller chimney breast and will work with a 48 inch Mantel.


the lansdowne fireplace
the montgomery fireplace
the lytton fireplace

The Lansdowne Fireplace traditional finish with the Brompton 56" Carrara Marble Mantel

The Montgomery Highlight with the Apollo 56" Agean Limestone Mantel

The Lytton Highlight with the Palmerston 54" Cast Iron fully Polished Mantel
the gloucester fireplace
the fitzwilliam fireplace

The Gloucester Highlight with the Chiswick Carrara Marble Mantel

The Fitzwilliam Highlight with the Kingston Carrara Marble Mantel


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